Big Wild Goose Pagoda
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The Big Wild Goose Pagoda is one of the most famous Chinese pagodas and was built inside the Ci En Temple in the south of Chang'an city (today's Xian) in 652 BC in Tang Dynasty (618-907). It is said that the pagoda was designed and built to consecrate and store the Sankrit Classics and Buddhist statues and relics by the eminent monk, Xuan Zang, who brought them from the ancient Indian. At the southern square of the Ci En Temple, there stands a bronze statue of Xuan Zang to commemorate the great achievement he has made in developing the Buddhism

This brick-build 7-story pagoda is over 64 meters high and used to be the highest building of the Chang'an City, so is regarded as a symbolic building of the city. According to the recent survey, the pagoda has leaned more than one meter so far.

To the east of temple, there is a traffic-free street standing many bronze statues showing the traditional Chinese life and arts. The street leads people to the northern square of the pagoda, which has the biggest fountain square in Asia. To the west of the temple there is a green hill adorned by many statues displaying the local folkways of Shaanxi people. Both of these places attract many people everyday, especial during weekends

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