Tang Dynasty show
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Tang Dynasty show

Tang Dynasty show

The Tang Dynasty music and dance show is a very attractive activities for tourists in Xi’an.It was created according to historical records,folk legend and mural paitings from the Tang Dynasty.It displays the court life and soucial customs of the Tang Dynasty 1300 by ancient instrument playing and dancing.

The Tang Dynasty is the most prosperous period in Chinese history.At that time the government was very open-minded ,they could always accept good things from other countries.The population at that time was already more than 1 million. And among the one million people ,50,000 were foreigners.They lived here.Some of them worked as government officials here,some of them did business here,some of them studied Chinese culture here.So at that time Xian was already an internetional metroplics and the biggest center in Asia for cultural and economical exchange.The country was really very rich at that time.

At that time women in China had very high social location and the Tang Dynasty was most confident period for Chinese women.Four kinds of clothes were very popular for women at that time.One kind was man’s clothes,women liked to wear man’s clothes to ride a horse outside.The second kind was Hu’s clothes,or foreigner’s clothes,the third kind was short shirt and long skirt,the fourth kind,and also the most famous one,this kind of clothes had half of women’s breasts exposed outside,similar to evening dress in the western countries today.

People at that time lived a very luxurious and colorful life,because they enjoyed lots of leisure time and entertainment.One of the most popular entertainment was polo game which was introduced into China from Persia.It was heard that there were 3000 polo playgrounds in Xian at that time.Another popular entertainment at that time was music and dance .Why music and dance was so popular at that time.Because one of the emperors named Tang Xuanzong and his favourite concubine Lady Yang were experts in music and dance .They highly advocated music and dance in the whole country.They even trained musicians and dancers themselves in the palace.That’s why music and dance became so popular at that time.

So the travel life was very boring. In order to make the tourists’s life more colorful,more informative and more interesting,20 years ago the local government employed lots of artists to creat the classic cultural show of the Tang Dynasty according to historical records,folk lendends and murial paintings.

The stage is designed with professional and luxury.The dance troupe has toured America,France,German,Italy, sweden, more than 50 coutries and has received goverment heads of state and VIPS from more than 150 countries ,it is one of the four best alive shows in china. it is reputed to be the oriental art treasure of distinctive songs and music in the Tang dynasty style.

The show consists of two parts,the first parts is music playing.They play music on ancient instrument.Most of the musical instruments you can only see in the museum and ancient mural paintings.

The second part is dancing part which includes long sleeve dancing,warriors dancing and comprehensive dancing,or Silk Road dancing.lute, flute and warriors dances.

The show lasted for 70 minutes.Before each section there is an introduction in both Chinese and English.Photo is okay.

Do not miss this cultral feast .enjoy the charm of this exquisite cultural show in the style of the proserous Tang Dynasty

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