Marie : back xian

We were very happy with our first visit to Xian in 2013 which was organised by Tour Guide Kathy. So, we contacted her again for our 2nd visit begin April this year. And again, we were very satisfied about Kathy’s choice of the guide, the driver and the car . This time we followed her advice for the hotel and without regrets, a very recommendable hotel! The Warriors and the Tang show are my favourites in Xian. It was pleasant to have a guide who explained in very good English and with humour the story of the Warriors. The driver was a well-experienced one and we felt very safe in his car. Although he didn’t speak English, he understood what we want and expect from him when there was heavy traffic, bravo! A plus was also the financial arrangement with Kathy. No advance and payment of her service was easily done when we were in Xian. It is very possible that we come back to Xian, again with Kathy! 

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