Huaqing Hot Springs

The Huaqing Hot Springs is located about 35 kilometers east of Xi’an. Historically , during the Western Zhou Dynasty the construction of the Li Palace was undertaken on this spot. In the Qin Dynasty, a stone pool was built and was given the name Lishan Hot Springs. The site was enlarged during the Han Dynasty, and was renamed the Li Palace. During the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Taizong ordered the construction of the Hot Springs Palace. 

The presentday site is only a small part of the Tang Huaqing Palace. The Huaqing Hot Springs which we see today was rebuilt on the site of the Qing Dynasty structure. The palace covers an area of 85,560 square meters. Entering the West Gate of Huaqing Hot Springs, you will see the NineDragon Pool, the Lotus Flower Pool and the Frost Drifting Hall, etc. All these structures were rebuilt in 1959 according to Tang architectural style .

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